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Blossoming in the dark

The moonflower tribe offers personal in and out of water tracks. Allow yourself to thrive.

Are you ready to join the tribe ?

The moonflower is a flower which blooms and flourishes when faced by the dark times of the night. We can bring this into our life by opening our arms to difficult periods in life. Our inner potential will start to grow and flow. 
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Mindful Surfing

Developed for those who encounter mental obstacles during or around  their surf sessions. This consists of 1 - 1 surf session where you’ll be guided through mindful surfing.

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Surf Therapy

A track designed to explore yourself and your patterns while playing in the waves. This consists of 1 - 1 surf therapy sessions in a safe environment. 

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Vitality Coaching

This track is made as an addition to the other two tracks or a track on its own. These 1 - 1 (online) sessions guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself, and allow you to thrive in and out of the water. 

“It’s about reconnecting ourselves and souls with our waterways and oceans. It’s about finding creativity, clarity and confidence in our deep blue minds.”

— words by Celine Cousteau

Follow our journey

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