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About the tribe

The Moonflower is a powerful flower. She uses dark times to flourish, as she blooms overnight. After catching rays of sunshine during the day, she finds the strength to open her heart-shaped leaves to face the dark moments of the night.

This is the foundation of the Moonflower tribe. We believe strongly that humans grow when facing moments of difficulty. Our inner potential will develop as we open our arms to the challenges, like the flower opens her leaves. We invite you on a journey of your own, to become the flourishing flower you are.

Moonflower tribe is forever moving and flowing, therefore we work remotely and from different locations.


Current location

 Scheveningen, Netherlands (01-04-2022 and onwards)

Upcoming location

Destination unknown

About you

You are welcome, fully and completely.


Moonflower tribe has specialised in a variety of themes. This specialisation is through previous work, and study, as well as personal journey.

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The themes we work with the most are the following:

Regaining your inner strength.

Limiting behavioural patterns

Exploring and breaking through.

Limiting beliefs

Exploring and breaking through.

Stress and burn-out

Living a vital life.

Feeling lost

Exploring who you are in the base of your being.


Choosing the direction in your life choices. Finding your course. 

It may be that your theme is not specifically mentioned.

Please contact us to discuss the options. 


At moonflower tribe our main mission is to invite you to get to know yourself to the fullest and embrace that self completely.

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Behind the tribe

Behind the tribe, you’ll find me: Rosie. I am a warm mixture of Dutch-Italian blood. My life is currently colored by connecting with people and nature, surfing beautiful waves, and accompanying people in a journey of their own.


The foundation of the Moonflower tribe is dear to my heart, as I myself have experienced the power of growth in darker times. Like anyone, I have been faced with difficulties which made me grow into a more powerful young woman.


I started the Moonflower tribe as I wish this growth upon every single one of you.  It is also found to acknowledge that it is okay to accept someone into your life to accompany you in your journey. My main mission is to invite you to get to know yourself to the fullest and embrace that self completely.


Trust, connection and realness are the values that feed the Moonflower tribe. Creating a safe space for you to embark on your personal journey. 


I aspire to provide a playground, to blow off some steam, and tap into the joy of life.

My experiences

I have been educated in psychology at the university of Utrecht. After that I worked in psychiatry for some time, but soon discovered that it didn’t match my beliefs. Thinking about diagnoses and problems felt too heavy hearted. 

I decided to do a coaching degree, which focuses more on a person as a whole being, balance, and strengths. I followed courses in positive psychology, vitality coaching, stress-counselling, base coaching and movement coaching.


Besides my  studies, I have been using surfing as a personal form of therapy and growth. My heart is dedicated to  surfing. It has helped me through a lot of dark and difficult times. The salt water  has proven to have a calming effect on my  nervous-system, which helped me deal with my anxiety. This calming and healing effect has also been shown in a wide range of research. It has been proven to have healing effects for anxiety, depression, PTSD and much more. 

Not only does the ocean calm you down, but it also functions as a  mirror. The Ocean   provides  you with the right lessons, at the right time. I use what I have learned through my own personal journey, and the research I have done, during the surf therapy and Mindful Surfing Sessions. Throughout these sessions I use surfing as a way to map your patterns, beliefs, and challenges. After mapping this, we can use surfing to break through the barriers you have come across in your own journey.


For further information and stories:

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