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Are you ready to start your journey or have questions about any of the tracks? Let’s connect. 

Moonflower Tribe is forever moving and flowing, therefore we work remotely and from different locations. The online coaching sessions are available at all times from anywhere, whereas the in-water practises  are offered at the locations in which the Tribe is currently residing. 

Current location:  

Scheveningen and Zandvoort

Upcoming location:

Destination unknown

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Additionally to our standard track offers we are always open for workshops and collaboration locally and online. For further inquiries or questions please connect below and we will get back to you shortly.

Contact Information

Thanks for connecting!



Our current upcoming events:

Dates & locations

25 June at Wijk aan zee at 12:30 costs: 45 euro

Mindful surf workshop

2 July at Zandvoort 13:30 costs: 45 euro

Mindful surf workshop

12 July at Scheveningen 14:30 costs: 45 euro

Mindful surf workshop

Mindful surf workshop: 3 hour surf session with 4 participants, where we'll be working on personal blockages and challenges in the water. Things like fear for big waves, wipeouts or currents. We'll be sharing our stories and having a whole lot of fun together! 

Want to join or get more information? Get in touch below!

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