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The tracks

how it works

At Moonflower Tribe different tracks are presented. We offer water tracks for people who want to work on their challenges while playing in the waves, but we also developed online tracks for on land guidance. 

The first meet and greet. Around 20 minutes, is free of charge.

Before starting with any of the below sessions, I would like to schedule a short call of around 20 minutes. Here we can get to know each other briefly. It helps to establish the first level of trust in each other and the process. During this call we see if we match, and schedule our first session.

Moonflower Tribe is forever moving and flowing, therefore we work remotely and from different locations. 

Current location:



01/04/2022 and onwards

Upcoming location:

Destination unknown

Mindful Surfing

1 - 1 mindful surfing session

This is a private-lesson especially designed for people who have surfed before in their lives and are encountering mental obstacles during their surf sessions.

Here at Moonflower Tribe we offer mindful surfing sessions, where we assess and work through these obstacles. First we talk about the obstacle you are facing at the moment on land and work on it in the water through mindfulness. Slowly slowly, the storm in your head quiets down, and you’ll be able to hear the crashing of the waves again.

Group 7.png

Explore the themes of: anxiety in the water, fear of big waves, being blocked in the line-up, stagnation in progression, frustration, or repeating the same mistakes.


Cost: 70 euro

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Surf Therapy

1 - 1 surf therapy session

Come and explore yourself while playing in the waves. At Moonflower tribe we offer  surf therapy sessions. These are all private surf lessons. Throughout these sessions surfing is used as a way to map your patterns, beliefs, and challenges. The ocean is a great mirror. How you behave in the water will reflect the way you are on land. After mapping these elements, we  use surfing to break through the barriers you have come across in your own journey. 

During this 1,5 hour session time is spent both in water and on the land.  Get to know yourself, grow and flow, while learning how to surf.      


Explore the themes: insecurities, lost in direction, limiting behavioural patterns or beliefs, stress and burn-out, or feeling lost from self. 


Cost: 70 euro

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Vitality Coaching

online 1 - 1 session

This is especially made for those who want to deepen their process and open their arms widely to their current challenges. We offer online coaching sessions, where you address behaviour or patterns that you would like to see changed. Together with an experienced coach you work towards shifts. Before you know it, you are thriving once again. 


At Moonflower tribe we value completeness of your journey. Therefore the online sessions are also offered as an edition after one of the other tracks. After spending time in the water, you can do a couple of online sessions to deepen even more. What you’ve learned in the water is now explored on land together with your coach. 

The online sessions can be booked per session or in a package.


1 session 70 euro

Package 1: 5 sessions 330 euro

Package 2: 10 sessions 670  euro


 At moonflower tribe we think mental help should be accessible to anyone, which is why we don’t want to exclude anyone based on our prices. If you find you have trouble financing your coaching journey, please contact us so we can come up with a solution together.

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